Consequences of a Criminal Background

To often, people young and old get themselves charged for criminal offenses with no regard for the potential impact these items can have on your life and future by appearing as an item on your criminal history.

We feel that if Houstonians had a better understanding of the ramifications the appearance of a criminal record can have on your background, they may think twice of committing criminal offenses in the first place. Most criminal defense lawyers in Houston will tell you that after working on cases to get criminal records expunged, their clients feel the same way.criminal-background-check

Reasons That Your Criminal Background May Be Pulled

There are a number of reasons that an entity or organization may see the need to pulled a record that will indicate criminal arrests in your history. Below, is list of reasons and justifications that may warrant the retrieval of your criminal background and history, if any.

  • Pre-employment screening.
  • To gauge and judge your character.
  • To rent in some apartment complexes.
  • Prior to military enlistment.
  • Prior to security clearances in government and private establishments
  • Prior to the purchase of a weapon or firearm.
  • Local Police Checks
  • FBI Checks
  • Pre-marital and relationships.

As you can see, there are a number of justifications and sound reasoning behind the pulling any existing criminal history. A request for your criminal records can be made by a new love in your life, or by the landlord of a new living facility you are trying to move into. In addition to the above listed reasons, the public at large can also request a criminal history from private sources, unofficially.

If Charged Criminally, Consult an Attorney

The seriousness of criminal punishments for persons accused of felony or misdemeanor criminal offense in Texas range for simple fines, to probation and prison sentences not to mention the load on your criminal background report. A good Houston criminal defense lawyer, who wins on your behalf in the court of law, may be able to get your criminal records expunged so they won’t appear as a record on your criminal background during checks in the future.

Stay Away from Criminal Activity

The best way to prevent the appearance of criminal records on your background is to not involve yourself in any criminal activities in the first place. Texas prosecutors can be a bit over aggressive meaning that some minor charges, can be escalated and enhances to warrant stiffer criminal penalties. For example, get busted with a joint of marijuana and you may be looking at 3 days in jail. However, if you continue to get arrested for the same criminal charge, that simple joint case may turn into a state jail felony in Texas.

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Consequences of a Criminal Background

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