President Commutes 8 Unreasonable Crack Cocaine Sentences.

In what I personally believe is a big move in the right direction as far as awareness of unfair sentencing practices which make the criminal penalties for crack possession 100 times worse than the same quantity for cocaine, Dear Leader Obama has commuted sentences for a mere 8 people who were serving unfounded and seriously severe prison sentences for crack related charges.

The majority of the people released were set to serve a sentence of essentially life in prison for charges related to a simple street drug, which ironically, the federal government had a hand in popularizing back in the 70’s and 80’s ala Rick Ross among others.

All of them have already spent more than 15 years behind bars under what Obama called an “unfair system,” where there was a 100-to-1 sentencing disparity between crack and powder cocaine offenses. That disparity was reduced by the Fair Sentencing Act of 2010, but it came too late for thousands of inmates.

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