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When a person commits a felony or misdemeanor offense in Houston, the largest city in Harris County, Texas, they will likely face jail time, which is never fun. Often, people make massively detrimental mistakes in their quest for money, or in the case of teens, to impress their friends via peer pressure. Any action resulting in a crime is always a bad decision which must be avoided at all costs in order to avoid legal repercussions. Any criminal defense attorney will tell you, as a Texas criminal lawyer, they’ve defended many good people who were accused of bad things, with many of these people being innocent.

Criminal Actions Bring Consequences

The most important thing to remember is that there are always consequences for actions. For minors less so, and for adults more so. A juvenile charged with marijuana possession will face less severe penalties than an adult who is charged with the same amount of the drug. A minor who commits murder may or may not be charged as an adult, when an adult charged with the same offense will surely face life in prison or the death penalty. As you can see, the law does take account of the age of the criminal offender from time to time.

A Texas Criminal Defense Lawyer Can Help!

If you have been accused of any form of criminal offense, you should seriously consider seeking a confidential consultation with an experienced Texas criminal law attorney. A rookie lawyer, or an indigent defense counselor will not serve your highest good as a defendant in the hot seat.

Most rookies don’t have the experience to win, and most public defenders are too busy to give a damn. If you can’t afford to hire a professional criminal defense attorney, then you will be at the mercy of the court, which is no mercy at all.

Making The Right Choices in Life

Life is about choices; the ones you make and the ones you don’t make. It’s important to have some discretion as to what your next action in life will be, otherwise you will face the wrath of not only God, but the criminal justice system in Texas. Black people and others who are perceived to be of African descent have it especially hard. For the most part, the criminal justice system was designed to ensnare them in it’s claws.

Unfortunately for them, they are considered guilty until proven innocent, and are often the subject of false arrest, planted evidence, and the big one; false imprisonment. When you pick up the phone and reach out to your attorney, be sure to be upfront and honest so they’ll have the information they’ll need to better provide a suitable representation for you in court.

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