Info About Hiring A Defense Lawyer in Houston

Where you accused of a crime in Harris County, TX? If so, it’s in your interest to hire an experienced Houston criminal defense lawyer to help you defend yourself from conviction. The Harris County District Attorney’s Office takes pride in racking up convictions, so you’ll want to gear up for your defense as soon as possible. Bennett & Bennett, a respected criminal defense law firm in Houston, is one of the best law firms in Houston for people that are looking for an affordable defense attorney.

Affordable Attorney?

Is That Legal Defense on the Cheap?

No. An affordable defense lawyer just means you won’t need to mortgage your house to pay for your legal defense. When a law firm is affordable, it doesn’t mean they’re cheap but are willing to accept partial payments from clients that may not have an ability to pay their full retainer fees up front. “Affordable” doesn’t imply trial coverage. If an attorney takes a case to trial, it’ll mean more of a financial requirement from the client.

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