Steering Clear of Texas Intoxication Arrests

In Houston, finding a good DWI-DUI lawyer is important if you’ve been accused of drunk driving. To be honest, being charged with a drunk driving offense is one of the worse criminal charges you can incur in Texas due to the number of people who work in and with the various mechanisms of the criminal justice system who have been personally touched as a result of death or injury caused by an intoxicated driver.

It is said that Harris County, Texas is one of the leading counties in America when it comes to the rate of DWI offenses committed and prosecuted by the criminal justice system. That coupled with the fact that Texas leads the nation in drunk driving deaths on highways equals a sour taste in the mouth of prosecutors, jurors, and judges alike when it comes to dealing with serious DWI cases in court.

Recent DWI Cases in the News

The Death of Harris County Deputy Jesse “Trey” Valdez III

In Highlands, TX, a community just to the east of Houston in the eastern region of Harris County, a Sheriff’s Deputy was killed in a head-on collision on Wallisville Road. The suspect, or driver of the vehicle at fault, was a young lady, Kelly Jo Ivey 29, who was recently released from prison on parole.

She was in jail for an earlier conviction involving meth amphetamines. She had meth in her possession at the time of the fatal collision and was thought to be DUI, or driving under the influence, at the time of the accident.

She is currently locked away in the Harris County Jail with no bond.

Gabrielle Moya

She Blew Through a Red Light and Killed a Motorcyclist

An unfortunate event to say the least, recently in New Mexico a young lady who had just been released from prison on a drunk driving charge (DWI) was arrested by police a second time for the same criminal offense. Only this time she ran a stoplight and hit a man who was on a motorcycle who subsequently died. She’s currently in jail with a bond totaling more than 300,000.00.

DWI Prevention and Intervention

The best way to avoid being arrested for driving while intoxicated is not to drink and drive at all. In Houston, its important to note that there are always Houston Police Department DUI task forces out on the hunt for drunk drivers. While some may feel that this particular law enforcement practice creates the environment for State encroachment on the civil rights of the people, its an important function of the police which helps to drive the message home about the dangers of drunk driving, and to keep the public safe from the detrimental consequences of being hit by a drunk driver. Consequences that are normally deadly.

Another way to avoid being in a situation where you may have to drive while drunk is to take another form of transportation to and from your destination, or better yet, walk. Consider the consequences of drunk driving; intoxicated manslaughter, a felony DWI offense, and criminal penalties. The last thing you want is an embarrassing breath machine in your car. Sometimes its best to avoid the trouble in the first place and never experience the consequences. Taking a cab or using public transportation is another great way to avoid driving when you know you’ll likely be under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Talk with a Houston, TX DWI attorney to learn more about ways you can limit your exposure to being arrested for a DWI, and, if you were arrested for a DWI or DUI offense, how to limit your potential punishment.

Get Legal Representation on Your Side

If you’re ever in the unfortunate situation of being arrested, charged, and jailed for driving while intoxicated, or driving while under the influence of drugs (DUID) or alcohol in the Houston area you’ll certainly want to take your time and find a smart, experienced, and aggressive DWI lawyer to represent you on your case. If you’re a first time offender under arrest for your first DWI charge, your attorney should be able to keep you from having to serve jail time and may even prove instrumental in preventing the suspension of your Texas Drivers’ License.

If you have a history of DWI & DUI offenses on your background its even more important to have a good DUI attorney on your side as you could be looking at months, even years of jail time in conjunction with thousands of dollars in fines.

Steering Clear of Intoxication Arrests

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