Drug War Violence, Houston, and Mexico

Making a living in the drug trade is risky, dangerous, and quite frankly, down right reckless for a person who has a family, friends, and loved ones that would miss them if they were killed in the streets or jailed for their crimes. Far too often young men and women are killed or imprisoned for actions they may feel are justified due to an entrepreneurial spirit gone haywire coupled with a perceived lack of opportunity. Sometimes engaging in criminal acts with the intention of gaining a profit is based on nothing more than greed.

To demonstrate the dangers of being involving in criminal activity relating to drugs, guns, and violence, take an hour and get a glimpse at the world of the illegal drug industry prior to drugs making on to American streets.

With Houston being a major drug hub, any attorney, Harris County prosecutor, judge, Texas law enforcement officer, street level drug dealer, and journalist will tell you, the Mexican drug cartel’s fingerprints are all over the drugs on the streets with a direct (if not intentional) influence on violence.

Below is a list of the most interesting points in the video that we took the liberty of specifying just in case you don’t have time to see it in its entirety.

  • There is a major drug war on the Texas-Mexico border as rival gangs go to war with each other for control of the drug flow into Texas and major cities like Houston. Thousands have died alongside of the many innocent victims, and others are missing as a result of the violence related to the drug war.
  • Some of the dead and murdered in the drug war end up buried in Iraqi style mass graves.
  • At one point, American tourist frequented Mexican border towns like Tijuana, but the skyrocketing murder and terror caused by the drug cartels (for control of the city) has scared off tourism. Broad daylight murders, or murders in well lit areas at night, are commonplace in Mexican cities.
  • Executions and kidnappings are daily events in Mexico making her citizens feel abandoned by law enforcement. Drug cartel related kidnappings are happening with increasing frequency in the United States as a result of the growing influence of the drug trade.

Human smugglers regularly kidnap groups of illegal aliens in Texas and hold them against their will in safe houses while demanding ransom payments from their families. In other cases, cartel members and associates have abducted individuals in Texas to force them to align themselves with the cartel.

Source: http://www.dps.texas.gov/PublicInformation/cartelCrimeStats.htm

Mexican cartels are becoming increasingly confrontational in encounters with law enforcement officers.

  • The drug gangs are in some cases better armed than the Mexican police and military who have launched their own war against these drug dealers.
  • Chapo Guzman was also cited as being the world’s most powerful drug dealer , most wanted man, and cause of most of the violence in Mexico, but has since been arrested. I’m sure there was no shortage of would-be drug lords hoping to replace him after his arrest by the Mexican military.
  • Meanwhile, magazine editor assassinations, decapitated & dismembered bodies, and dead police officers continue to pop up as a result of the narcotic industry.
  • One man’s job was to dump dead bodies in a barrel of acid. He says it takes 24 hours to dissolve a body. Once the body was dissolved, he would bury their remains in his yard.
  • Meth Amphetamine, marijuana, cocaine, heroin, and pills are often seized by Border Patrol and U.S. Customs agents.

The video below offers a breathtaking view at the effects of the importation of drugs on America’s inner cities

Cocaine Crack House – Documentary

In the major cities of the United States, like Chicago and Houston, the crack epidemic is still apparent and is continuing to claim countless lives. In some of these cities the urban young people feel like they only have two options, sell drugs or die. In Crack House USA, we get a ground level look at the effect of crack cocaine on dealers, their families, the addicts, and the views of law enforcement.

Normally when crack dealers set up shop they would rent a house in a woman’s name then use it strictly to sell crack. Normally they will have multiple crack-houses scattered around the city.

Police Informants

Normally, when drug dealers or drug lords are apprehended by law enforcement agents its usually as a result of someone risking their life to give evidence and information to investigation police personnel. In some cases, the police informants are discovered by their targets resulting in murder. Police will make sure every available resource is exhausted when they have made the decision to attempt to apprehend a known drug dealer. For whatever reason, quantity of drugs involved and the influence of the suspected drug dealer are not always determining factors in who the police target for arrest. In some cases, the drug dealer is targeted for arrest on the basis of convenience.

In the Crack House USA documentary we get to see the police being blessed with a situation where they were able to hard-wire a crack house to a police listening post giving law enforcement the ability to directly peer into the world of drug dealers conducting criminal activity in a crack house.

A number of the drug dealers arrested and jailed have great business minds meaning that if they gotten into a different line of business they may experienced success without a need for breaking the law. When its all said and done, making money is all that matters and you don’t have to sell drugs or break the law to do it.

If you are ever arrested and charged for a criminal offense related to drug crimes, drug trafficking, or violence, we recommend consulting with a smart and aggressive criminal defense attorney to ensure that your rights are protected. In many cases innocent people arrested for drug related criminal offense and sadly a percentage of these people are guilty of nothing more than association.

Although hiring a good drug crimes attorney can be expensive, we think every penny is worth it considering the other option of being convicted of a drug crime and sentenced to a lengthy term in a Texas prison.

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